Why APM?

APM Technical Professionals

Our technical team are well trained with basic pest biology, behaviour and knowledges by entomologist graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Besides, they are also exposed to real-situation training in the fields by experienced technical personnel. Every now and then, they will be on trainings to refresh their knowledge on pest and get updated with latest pest control treatment methods to improve our team technical skills. Every year, new technician will be sent to take Pesticide Applicator License (PAL) and Assistant Pesticide Applicator License (APAL) examination. Currently, we have technical supports that have accredited as Licensed Fumigators, and we forecast more and more of our technical team will become qualified fumigators in the coming years.

APM Research & Development Expertise

Advance Pest Management was founded to provide best pest management service in Malaysia with Integrated Pest Management approach. Our Research and Development department with Field Biologist team always compare, test and record the latest chemicals for its effectiveness on field strain pest. From there, we always come out with different pest management approach to tackle everchanging pest issue, at the same time protect customers’ wellbeing and their property. Moreover, our Field Biologist are entomologist graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia. They are ever ready to support technical team and share their knowledge with our customers.

APM Services & Treatments

We always make sure to keep up-to-date to current pest management methods and chemical treatment. Our service team integrate pest knowledge and the latest pest management strategies to achieve an effective, yet safer and sustainable management results.


We are proud to be one of the authorized Xterm Installers in Malaysia since 2011. Xterm baiting is ‘termite control specialist’ manufactured by Sumitomo Chemicals Sdn Bhd that provide comprehensive termite monitoring and control system. Besides Xterm, we are also service provider to various others pest control products.


Moreover, we are ISO, HACCP and AIB standard qualified and compliant pest control operator. We know best the requirement and needs from food processing industry, industrial and manufacturing factory. Our company provides the service that the industry needed the most: Integrated Pest Management, we manage your pest issue without compromising standards and contamination. We also provide a comprehensive documentation and reporting system for auditory purpose.

Licensed Fumigator by
Ministry of Health Malaysia

Licensed Pest Control Operator
by Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia

Authorized Operator for Xterm Termite Baiting
System by Sumitomo Chemicals Sdn. Bhd.